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The Health and Safety Minefield

The consequences of failing to make correct health and safety provision and staff training can be fatal for your business.

If you create the circumstances in which your business can be sued for inadequate health and safety provision or training, then six figure compensation figures are not uncommon, and how many businesses can survive that?

On a more positive note, documenting and implementing robust health and safety policies demonstrates to your workforce and clients that you actively promote improved safety, morale and customer trust.


Principal Designer Services

Do you have a project or development that has construction elements?

Will the construction elements last more than 30 days or 500 man hours?

If so, as the client you have additional duties under the CDM 2015 Regulations,
these additional duties are to:

Appoint a competent Principal Designer to help comply with your legal duties
Inform the Health and Safety Executive of the project on an F10 form
Appoint a competent Principle Contractor
Ensure an adequate Construction Phase Plan is developed prior to construction works being undertaken
Ensure the Principle Contractor has provided adequate welfare facilities prior to the construction works commencing

Site Inspections / Audits and Consultancy

Managing Health and Safety is a requirement for all UK businesses. Successful organisations understand that managing a safe and healthy workplace, the wellbeing of their staff, and the success of their company are inter-linked. By committing to providing a comfortable and safe working environment, organisations will mitigate risk and ultimately save valuable budgets.

Make sure you're up to date; use our site inspection service and instantly have access to experts, able to review and advise on how to improve your health and safety procedures and avoid non-compliance. Areas of non-compliance can leave you at risk of breaking the law, and jeopardising the wellbeing of your employees.